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Advancement and popularity of an e-commerce platform depend on collective approach by the owner of e-commerce platform and effort made by e-commerce development service for effective usage of the platform. To gain an advantage over other generic equivalents, e-commerce owners need to identify the IT fundamental marketing strategies that depends on several factors including the geography, location, lifestyle, and importantly, the season which is likely to have more online customers. If you are deeply bothered with traffic leaving your store before checkout, then Rejoiner would be a great aide for you. This is a powerful email platform which especially targets which visitors abandoned your cart to remind them later about the goodies which they filled (but left) in shopping cart through frequent emails. Many a times, people fill the cart with the intention of buying but are forced to leave given some urgent task or lack of money immediately. An email reminder later helps a lot in triggering their interest further in their chosen goodies, prompting them to buy it actually.

There are numerous digital marketing channels where you can invest. Make sure you spend your dollars only on the most favorable option for your business.
Twitter's sponsored tweets, LinkedIn's premium services and Facebook's Pay-to-Play are a few valuable options you can experiment with to have the best return on investment. Also, get your hands on Google Display Network (GDN) - the largest advertising network on the internet allowing you to display advertising on millions of websites, blogs, and pages.

A digital marketing campaign with creative content and smartly targeting the relevant audience can help startups develop brand awareness and acquire more customers.

The new-age e-commerce entrepreneur is doing a lot of interesting things in cyberspace now. There is Threadless (given, they are an older company, their way of business is pretty unique and awesome) that crowd sources t-shirt designs and sells only the best designs on their website. Then there is Gilt Groupe , which is a flash sales site that offers exclusive (and pretty heavy) discounts on designer clothing in limited quantity. SocialBuy is a group shopping website that is giving visibility to local entrepreneurs and products at heavily discounted prices, with a minimum buyer count before the discount may be received by all shoppers.

The efficiency of Ecommerce is dependent on, how much comfortable is it to the customer, for buying the offerings of the website. If the navigation through the website is made easy, the buyer easily finds what he/she is searching for, can easily place the order for what he/she wants to buy and pay the charges directly through the internet. The feedback of the buyer should be positive. This makes it clear that the Ecommerce website needs to be designed after considering the prime importance of customer satisfaction.

Optimize images. Image files are bulky, and too many visuals can slow down your ecommerce site's load time. While you don't want to reduce the quality of your images, you do need to find a way to increase the page loading speed. The solution: Optimizing images usually takes some trial and error. Work with an image editing software to reduce the file size while retaining the quality of the pixels. If you have any unnecessary or duplicate images on your site, remove them. Simplicity is usually best.